Lespedeza potaninii Vass seed yield response to plant density and phosphate fertilization in Northwest China

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Title: Lespedeza potaninii Vass seed yield response to plant density and phosphate fertilization in Northwest China

Authors: Lijun Chen , Pengcheng Ma , Junhui Li , Jingze Liu , Fukang Guo , Yanrong Wang , Jiyu Zhang *

Journal: European Journal of Agronomy

Impact Factor: IF2023 = 5.2 (中科院)

Abstract: Lespedeza potaninii Vass is a highly drought-resistant China native legume plant, which plays an important role in animal husbandry and ecological restoration. However, there are few reports on the agricultural practices of its seed production. We evaluated the effect of four plant densities (33,333, 44,444, 66,666, and 133,333 plants ha? 1) and five phosphate fertilizer rates (0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 kg ha? 1) on seed yield, seed yield components and agronomic traits from the year 2020–2022. Correlation and structural equation model (SEM) analyses were used to determine the contribution of yield components to seed yield per plant. Year, plant density, phosphorus fertilizer rate and their interaction (P<0.05) significantly influenced the seed yield of L. potaninii Vass. The maximum average seed yield over 3 years (570 kg ha? 1) occurred at the plant density of 44,444 plants ha? 1 and phosphate fertilizer rate of 90 kg/ha. All the yield components, except 1000-seed weight, were significantly correlated with seed yield per plant. The racemes per stem, florets per raceme and pods per raceme had significant positive correlation, and stems per square meter and biomass had significant negative correlation with seed yield per plant. Increasing phosphorus fertilizer increased seed yield per plant. However, increasing plant density decreased seed yield per plant. Our findings enable further understanding of the mechanism of seed yield response to plant density and phosphorus fertilization in L. potaninii Vass and provide a reference for appropriate agronomic measures to improve seed yield of L. potaninii Vass and similar shrubs.