《Grassland, Forages and Ecosystems》期刊编辑招聘启事

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Grassland, Forages and Ecosystems》将是中国的第一本草业科学领域的英文期刊,由中国草学会和兰州大学主办。该刊受中国科技期刊卓越计划高起点新刊项目支持,拟于2021年下半年正式创刊、出版发行,现面向国内外招聘编辑两名。




















Editor: Grassland, Forages and Ecosystems

Grassland, Forages and Ecosystems (GF&E), is about to be launched as the first English-language academic journal on grassland science in China, co-published by the Chinese Grassland Society and Lanzhou University. The establishment of GF&E is supported by the Chinese Sci-Tech Periodical Excellence Program under the ‘High Starting Point’ project for new publications. GF&E is expected to be officially established with the first issue published in the second half of 2021. Currently, preparations are under way with plans to recruit two editors from within China or overseas. Key responsibilities andqualifications required are listed below.

1. Key responsibilities

i) To manage the manuscript reviewing progress and the editorial workflow;

ii) To stay up-to-date with trends in the fields of grassland science, ecology and other related disciplines and to analyze publishing trends, to position GF&E as a leading title in the field. This will involve initiatives such as inviting review articles by leading researchers, organizing special issues, organizing and attending scientific meetings, and visiting specialist research laboratories in the field;

iii) To publicize and promote GF&E globally through a range of modern media and attendance at relevant scientific conferences.

2. Qualifications

The candidate should meet the National and Lanzhou University’s requirements for new staff.He or she should also meet the following criteria:

i) Have apassion to work for the journal and be capable of bibliometric analysis to understand the development potential of various fields from a publication perspective;

ii) Have a PhD in grassland science, ecology, agronomy, biology or another related area;

iii) Two years or more study or work experience outside of China is preferred;

iv) There is no restriction with respect to nationality or age.

3. Recruitment procedures

Please send your CV and recommendation letters together with your representative academic publications to Ms. HE Taiying (caoyebgs@lzu.edu.cn, office phone number: 86-931-8913074) from now on until the positions are filled. We will contact you by email or phone to acknowledge receipt and advise if we wish to proceed to an interview.

4. Salary and academic title

The successful appointees will receive a salary and academic title commensurate with their research experience and academic achievements based on the policies ofLanzhou University.