Species abundance distributions as a proxy for the niche-neutrality continuum

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TitleSpecies abundance distributions as a proxy for the niche-neutrality continuum

Author: Xianzhi Wang,M. D. Farnon Ellwood,Dexiecuo Ai*,Renyi Zhang,Gang Wang

Journal: Journal of Plant Ecology

Impact Factor: 1.754(生物 3区)

Abstract: An individual-based, spatially explicit model was used to simulate local communities in niche spaces with the same parameters. We generated sets of assemblages from which species were eliminated in opposing sequences: from common to rare and from rare to common, and investigated the relationship between the abundance and frequency of species. We tested the predictions of our model with empirical data from a field experiment in the environmentally homogeneous alpine meadows of the Qinghai–Tibetan plateau.Our simulations support the widespread notion that common species maintain community structure, while rare species maintain species diversity, in both local and regional communities. Our results, both from theoretical simulations and from empirical observations, revealed positive correlations between the abundance of a particular species and its occurrence frequency. SAD curves describe a continuum between commonness and rarity. Removing species from the ‘rare’ end of this continuum has little effect on the similarity of communities, but removing species from the ‘common’ end of the continuum causes significant increases in beta diversity, or species turnover, between communities. In local communities distributed in a homogenous habitat, species located at the ‘common’ end of the continuum should be selected by environmental filtering, with niche space partitioning governed by interspecific competition. Conversely, species located at the ‘rare’ end of the continuum are most likely subject to stochastic dispersal processes. Species situated at intermediate locations on this continuum are therefore determined by niche and neutral processes acting together. Our results suggest that, in homogeneous habitats, SAD curves describing the common-rare continuum may also be used to describe the continuum between niches and neutrality.


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