Saman Bowatte

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Profile: Professor, PhD supervisor and member of Grasslands livestock production system team.  

Research focus: Plant-soil-microbe-animal interactions and environmental footprint of grassland livestock systems.

Expertise: Soil Science, Soil molecular microbial ecology, Climate change impacts

Career summary

Professor- College of pastoral agriculture science and technology, Lanzhou University, March 2016 to present

Senior Scientist (Soil microbial ecology) - AgResearch – New Zealand, July 2011 – January 2016

Scientist (Soil microbial ecology) - AgResearch – New Zealand, May 2008 – January 2011

Post Doctoral Scientist (Soil microbial ecology) AgResearch – New Zealand, April 2006 – April 2008

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Soil Biology and Biochemistry laboratory, Graduate School of Bio Agricultural Sciences, Nagoya University, Japan July 2004 – February 2006


PhD in Soil Science, 2003, Massey University, New Zealand

MSc in Soil Science, 1996, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

BSc in Agriculture, 1993, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka


Saman Bowatte 新西兰人,博士,教授,博士生导师。主要从事植物-土壤-微生物-家畜的相互作用研究。












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