1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress
(IAC 2016)

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We are pleased to inform that the 1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress (IAC 2016) is being held from November 6-9, 2016 in New Delhi, India. This first-of-its-kind Congress is being organized jointly by the Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources (ISPGR), New Delhi and Bioversity International, in collaboration with Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Authority (PPV& FRA), (Under Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare), National Biodiversity Authority (Under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change), Global Crop. Diversity Trust (GCDT) Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Science (TAAS) and National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS).

Please see the letter of invitation from Dr M.S. Swaminathan, Chair and Dr R.S. Paroda, Co-Chair of the International Advisory Committee of IAC 2016, as well as the first circular about the congress. Detailed information about IAC 2016 is available at www.iac2016.in.

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in this congress. We shall keep you updated on the IAC 2016 in coming months. It is also requested that you may circulate this e-mail among your colleagues, students and partners. We look forward to your participation in the congress.

Thanking you and with best regards


Prem Narain Mathur

Organizing Secretary, IAC 2016 &

Regional Representative, Central and South Asia Bioversity International, India Office

G-1, B-Block, NASC Complex, DPS Marg, Pusa Campus, New Delhi - 110012, INDIA

Tel: +91-11-25849000/25849001,

Fax: +91-11-25849002,

Email: info@iac2016.in


Rishi Kumar Tyagi

Co-organizing Secretary, IAC 2016 &

General Secretary, Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources

C/O ICAR National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Pusa Campus,

New Delhi 110012, INDIA

Telefax: +91-11-25846268,

Email: info@iac2016.in