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Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to attend the 9th International Symposium on Molecular Breeding of Forage and Turf (MBFT 2016) that will be held in Lanzhou during August 15 to 19, 2016, on behalf of the local and international organizing committees.

Since the 1st announcement was released, we have received the registration forms from over 150 participants who are willing to attend the Symposium including 120 participants who submitted abstracts and over 50 experts who are invited or applied to give oral presentations. Professor German Spangenberg and Professor Zeng-Yu Wang will be invited to give the Symposium opening and closing keynote lectures (60 minutes each), respectively; 18 experts will give invited keynote presentations (30 minutes each) (see attachment); and over 30 experts will give invited presentations (15 minutes each).

As August is the peak period of tourism in Lanzhou and the available hotel rooms will be very scarce, now we are releasing the second announcement to fasten the Symposium registration process to arrange everything ahead. We do hope that MBFT 2016 will provide a unique platform for discussion of advances on molecular breeding of forage and turf.


The topics of MBFT 2016 will include:

·         Germplasm, Diversity, and Its Impact on Breeding

·         Abiotic and Biotic Stresses

·         Bioenergy and Biorenewables

·         Emerging Tools for Forage and Turf Research

·         Functional Genetics and Genomics and Genetic Mapping

·         Herbage Quality

·         Plant-Microbe Interactions

·         Transgenic and Risk Assessment

The Symposium sessions include oral and poster presentations related to the above topics and one day trip to Yuzhong Experimental Station for Grass and Forage Breeding of Lanzhou University.


Our Local Organizing Committee will try its best to prepare a good program and to make best arrangements for your attendance.

For more detail information, please visit:



We are looking forward to meeting you in Lanzhou, China, for the most informative and enjoyable symposium.


Please widely distribute the information in this e-mail among your relevant colleagues.


Yours sincerely


The MBFT 2016 Local Organizing Committee
Suo-Min Wang (Chair)
Lanzhou University
Lanzhou, 730020, China
Zhen-Fei Guo, South China Agricultural University
Fu-Jiang Hou, Lanzhou University
Yan-Rong Wang, Lanzhou University
Yu-Hua Wang, Lanzhou University
Yan-Min Wu, CAAS
Zhuo Yu, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Jin-Lin Zhang, Lanzhou University
German Spangenberg (Chair)
Primary Industries Research Victoria, Plant Biotechnology Centre, La Trobe University, Australia
Zhi-Biao Nan, Lanzhou University , China
Iain Donnison, Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University, UK
Zeng-Yu Wang, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, USA
Odd Arne Rognli, Norwegian University of Life Science, Norway
Hitoshi Nakagawa, Biomass Research & Development Center, NARO, Japan
Ji-Zhou Ren, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering; Honorary Dean of College of Pastoral Agricultural Science and Technology (CPAST), Lanzhou University
Zhi-Biao Nan, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering; Director of the State Key Laboratory of Grassland Agro-ecosystems (SKLGAE), Lanzhou University
Cheng Wang, President, Lanzhou University
Gong-She Liu, Professor, Institute of Botany, CAS
Symposium Contacts:
Tel: +86-(0)931-8912357
Fax: +86-(0)931-8910979
Dr. Hongju Yin   0931-8913447,13919225299
Dr. Li Wei       0931-8913447,15117116452
Dr. Qing Ma     0931-8913447,  13919998497
Dr. Aike Bao     0931-8913447,13389318358
Dr. Jinlin Zhang  0931-8912357,13993172389

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Invited Keynote Presentations

The 2nd announcement for MBFT

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